Office space planning is not just about having a cool design or reducing costs but more about productivity, culture, flexibility and most importantly the well-being and happiness of the occupiers. Coworking spaces are no exception. In fact, these priorities should be emphasized.

Brad Krauskopf, CEO and Founder of Hub Australia, landed in coworking for the same reasons many members of the industry found it attractive: the variety, pace, innovation, and entrepreneurial opportunities. However, it wasn’t just creativity and good entrepreneurship that not only helped him build a scalable brand but also got Hub Australia recognized as the #5 best place to work in Australia (for companies under 100 employees) in 2019.

As a coworking space operator, designing your workspace right is a vital part of starting out on the right foot. You can give yourself a vastly greater chance of success if you can offer a broad range of space and membership types to attract people with different financial means and workspace needs. (Satellite Deskworks makes this much easier through automatically tracking usage against different types of plans.)

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