KOD is the largest Virtual Reality Center in St. Petersburg.

The center has 20 cabins for “time travels” and travels to parallel worlds. The technologies allow implementing simultaneous virtual travel up to 20 people. Due to the virtual reality glasses visitors can transfer to the future or see the distant past, sink to the bottom of the ocean at the bathyscaphe or climb the Mount Everest.

Available formats

The following formats are available:

  • VR simulators
  • Conference hall
  • Meeting rooms
  • Bar

Meeting and conference facilities

KOD center has 2 conference halls: center KOD (accommodating up to 1 000 people) and X-Burgers bar (accommodating up to 50 people). 


  • Reception area and dedicated staff
  • Common lounge areas
  • Meeting facilities
  • High-speed Wi-Fi
  • Car parking

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