Yota Lab is a space for startups implementing projects in the fields of robotics, neurotechnology, augmented reality, prototyping and artificial intelligence.

The main feature of the platform is its openness. Almost any startup can become a resident, any company can order development of its project from Yota Lab residents and any person can visit laboratory and some premises and see how innovative startups work. 

Yota Lab is not a commercial organization, not an accelerator or an incubator. It is not even necessary to pay for the workplace: if you have money, you can pay a rent or you can work on barter scheme. If startup cannot afford to pay for its accommodation, the organizers are able to let stay in Yota Lab for free in some cases. Any startup can become a resident of the Yota Lab: the company must show that creates something worthwhile and is able to change the world and the place where it locates.

Available formats

The following formats are available:

  • Laboratory
  • Coworking
  • Lecture rooms
  • Design area
  • Laser installations area
  • Neurotechnology area
  • Observatory


  • Common lounge areas
  • Meeting facilities
  • Equipment: all the equipment in the lab 
  • Business community to exchange ideas with, collaborate on new projects, share skills and experiences

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